St. Luke's Lutheran Health Ministries, Inc.

About Us 

St. Luke’s Lutheran Health Ministries, Inc. was created in 1994 by the members of the Assembly of the Southwestern Texas Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The corporation was formed as a Texas nonprofit corporation to serve as the mission successor to St. Luke’s Lutheran Hospital of San Antonio after the hospital became affiliated with the Baptist Memorial Hospital System.

St. Luke’s is governed by a Board of Directors, a majority of whom are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with the remainder representing a diversity of community-minded volunteers.  The directors establish policy, manage the corporation’s resources and make grant decisions.

As St. Luke’s Lutheran Health Ministries begins its 30th year of funding healthcare ministries that benefit the San Antonio regional community, we continue to be impressed by the excellent, innovative work our grantees are doing to improve and expand access to healthcare in so many ways. We are also overwhelmed by the burgeoning need, which exceeds our ability to provide funding each cycle.  And we are concerned about communities that are marked by poverty, inequity, and limited healthcare access and resources.

Beginning in Spring 2024, we will give priority consideration to non-profits that are actively providing services to people in areas that have been deemed most in need, at-risk, and least served according to the 2022 Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment Report and the City of San Antonio’s Online Equity Maps.

Philanthropic Focus
St. Luke's Lutheran Health Ministries, Inc., provides support to non-profit health care-related ministries that benefit the San Antonio regional community, with primary consideration given in this order of priority:
1.  Direct and indirect health services (medical, dental and mental health) and protective health services.
2.  Health education, preventive services and wellness initiatives.
3.  Health care equipment and supplies that are critical to the delivery of direct care.

Geographic Boundaries
Applicants from Texas communities previously served by St. Luke's Lutheran Hospital, San Antonio, Texas, may be eligible, with consideration given to organizations in the following geographic locations, in this order of priority:

1.  Bexar County
2.  Gillespie and Kerr counties and counties contiguous to Bexar (Atascosa, Bandera, Comal, Guadalupe, Kendall, Medina and Wilson)
3.  Other Texas counties previously served by St. Luke's Lutheran Hospital

Program Criteria
Proposals that consider the following criteria have greater potential for receiving grants:

  1. Utilize collaboration with other organizations and community resources in the achievement of their goals.
  2. Address root causes of a concern, rather than treating symptoms.
  3. Leverage the financial and community resources of multiple interests in addressing the issue.
  4. Serve as a catalyst to stimulate joint cooperative efforts among different sectors of the community.
  5. Result in a growing, long-lasting, impact on the situation beyond the value of the grant itself. 
  6. Reflect and encourage sound financial planning and solid management practices in the administration of the project.

Excluded from Funding

1.  Galas, testimonial dinners, fund raising events, or advertising.
2.  Support of individuals or private foundations.
3.  Past operating deficits or debt retirement.
4.  Fund raising feasibility studies.
5.  Endowment.
6.  Services outside our geographic scope.

Grant Application Requirements

Limited to 501(c)(3) public charities that are tax-exempt under federal law.

Organizations that have received funding during each of the past three consecutive years must take a one-year hiatus before reapplying.

Only one application per organization in any calendar year.

Applications must be received by 5 pm the last day of February for consideration in the spring grant cycle, and the last day of August for consideration in the fall grant cycle.

All applications must be submitted through our new online portal, and the deadline for the spring cycle is Thursday, February 29 at 5 pm.  We cannot accept late applications.  Contact the Executive Director for the link.

Partnering with our Community

In the Fall 2023 grant cycle, we were pleased to support the following organizations with total funding of $195,000.

Arc of San Antonio, AugustHeart, Autism Community Network, Autism Treatment Center, AVANCE San Antonio, Center for Refugee Services, Child Advocates San Antonio, ChildSafe, Clarity Child Guidance Center, For Her, form communities, Friends of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Foundation, Hill Country Mission for Health, Jewish Family Service of San Antonio, Lifetime Recovery, New Braunfels Christian Ministries, Planned Parenthood South Texas, Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services, Raphael Community Free Clinic, REBOOT Recovery, RecoveryWerks!, Respite Care of San Antonio, Rise Recovery, San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic, TEAMability, The Children's Shelter, Youth Center of Texas.

Your Gifts to SLLHM:  Making an Impact

You can be a catalyst for transformational community health services by supporting St. Luke's Lutheran Health Ministries (SLLHM) with your tax-deductible gifts. 
Send a contribution to:  
St. Luke's Lutheran Health Ministries
PO Box 6101
San Antonio, TX  78209
Questions:  email Amy Dameron Phipps, Executive Director,

Contact Us

Amy Dameron Phipps, Executive Director
St. Luke’s Lutheran Health Ministries
PO Box 6101
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